Easter and other thingies

And how was your Easter? :) 
Here are couple of my latest Instapic's for you to enjoy. The first to up there are from the Easter when we (students it is) had a nice celebration with closest friends and delicious food. It was the first time when I celebrated Easter by such a nice table, hehe.

 And up here are my favorite snacks - Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream and triple chocolate chip cookies - and - salad lunch with chicken baked in soy marinade, cherry tomatoes, cheese and chicken lavash snack. I hope I made your taste-buds go a bit nuts.

Up here on the left you can see a beautiful piece of architecture in Copenhagen and my famous garlic bread baguettes with melted cheese. mm..
And here is my face with a 'licious street art next to it. 

God, Hogwarts or whatever you believe in, bless Instagram. :)) This is my only tool for taking shots right now since I sold my beloved Nikon just recently (and that is the reason for my lack of posting).. 
But no worries, I am getting a new camera pretty soon. 
Stay awesome. xx 

Monki steals my heart (once again)

So spring is here! So are new collections in our favorite stores - one of mine is Monki. The newest collection of them is stunning, as you can see in the tiny collage I made. Yesterday, while walking through Copenhagen, I decided to go in the store since they have a wonderful deal - 10% off everything if you share a smile before paying (use code springsmiles when shopping online). Of course I couldn't leave empty-handed and now I am a proud owner of the stripy socks you can see in the collage. But I can guarantee - I will be back for more, haha.
Let me know which items you would love to own this spring/summer and be sure to check out their stores or shop online. :)

NEW IN : 230114

I am definitely not a big fan of light shoes, but these ones from Monki caught my eyes and heart, so I hope that there won't be any regrets.. I have a bad feeling that these will get dirty super soon, but we will see about that. :)

The two necklaces below just joined my pretty impressive necklace collection and I can't wait to wear them with my warm sweaters. Long live the H&M sales! haha